What is Vertigo and Balance Disorders?

Have you recently experienced sudden neck or head trauma and are feeling dizzy or faint whenever you stand up? Or have you been diagnosed with a balance disorder and are ready to get back to feeling better? A functional therapy session with us might just be what you need for overall wellness. Here’s what you should know about balance disorders and functional medicine.

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What is Vertigo and Balance Disorders?

Balance disorders are conditions that cause an individual to experience symptoms of dizziness and be unsteady on their feet. Disruption to your inner equilibrium resulting from disease or physical trauma can lead to the onset of balance disorders. They can be caused due to inner ear illnesses, head trauma, motion sickness, brain injuries, or medications.

Many people describe vertigo as feeling like the room is spinning. It might cause you to feel like you’re tilted, rocking, unbalanced, or unsteady. Sometimes these unpleasant sensations are worse if you’re standing up, walking, or moving your head around. Did you know that dizziness is a blanket term used to describe any sensation of unsteadiness or imbalance? It is true and it occurs when the brain senses movement that isn’t actually happening and overcompensates.

Common symptoms of balance disorders include:

  • vertigo and dizziness—patients that experience these symptoms feel disoriented and experience a spinning sensation
  • inability to balance and walk
  • confusion
  • blurry vision
  • feeling faint

What Are the Benefits of Functional Therapies for Vertigo, Dizziness, and Balance Disorders?

There are multiple benefits to opting for functional therapies to treat vertigo, dizziness, and balance disorders. First off, they are non-invasive, drug-free forms of therapy that focus on all aspects of a patient: physical, mental, and emotional. In some cases, an improvement in symptoms can be noticed after just a few sessions.

The following functional therapies have proven to be effective in managing symptoms of patients with balance disorders:

  • chiropractic manipulation—for dizziness and better balance
  • tai chi—shown to improve balance and coordination
  • acupuncture—vertigo relief
  • cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)—to improve mental well-being
  • mindfulness meditation
  • herbal supplements

What to Expect During a Functional Brain Balance Assessment – Thanks for reading this article written by Complete Wellness Medical Centers

If you’ve never undergone a functional approach to managing symptoms of balance disorders, you might wonder what to expect during the first appointment. A certified practitioner at Complete Wellness Medical Centers will begin by asking a series of questions to determine your current health, medications you’re taking, and symptoms experienced.

From there, you may be required to take a few imaging and diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your balance disorder. After your diagnosis, your physician will prescribe a treatment plan that’s specific to your symptoms, lifestyle, and emotional needs.

Treatment may be just rest and recovery at the beginning—in the case of patients with head trauma—and may gradually increase to acupuncture, tai chi, or yoga. Effective management of balance disorders requires an accurate evaluation and prompt care using safe, effective functional techniques.

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